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A big box of love

Laura bag and matching slingThree years ago or so my friend Sue gave me a box of Japanese quilting cottons. I think this box came from a fellow American Sewing Guild member (my recollection is that the previous owner had passed away, sadly.) But her cottons live on – and here’s where they’ve gone:

Swaddled two babies in gorgeous ring slings. One in 2009, for a La Leche League fundraiser and one in 2010.

Kept two mamas in style in two great bags, my own design, the “Laura” bag from Annie’s Formals.

Kept two little girls stylishly attired in a Twirly Dress for my daughter and another one for a friend of hers for her birthday. Another outfit, the Sew Baby Twirl Top and Pants for my daughter.

Made an excellent organizer for my big bag.

Curtains for my office conference room.

And there are still more pieces to go – a couple of breastfeeding-friendly tops for myself yet to come. Maybe another sling. Hubby is probably right, I don’t need another sling. But I *want* one. And they take just an hour to sew and well, the rings are under $4 a pair online.

I hope the woman who had the fabric is looking down from above and seeing all the love – from all these babies cuddled in slings, mamas happy with their roomy diaper / day bags, girls twirling in their cute outfits, and realizes these fabrics had a life – and touched many people.

I loved making each of these things – even though most of them are not with me, I still loved making them.

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