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brrr, start sewing that cape~

Monday’s hi? 41. Tuesday? 43. By thursday we get to 49. That’s cape weather for sure. It’s my number one priority. I’ll fit the diaper bag/messenger bag in between it. Tomorrow afternoon while the babe naps, my plan is to clear the table off and cut the cape (matching plaids!) and lining. Friday night, I hope to assemble the main pieces, and by Sunday, finish up. If I have time, I’ll sew the side pockets of the diaper bag, and get that ready for finishing next week.

I do still need more nursing tops for fall/winter. I have tried on most of the friend-gifted pants from last winter, and they are all roomy this year when they were tight last year, so I’ve continued to shed pounds (or sizes) clearly. And that goes for the tops too.

When will I stop sewing nursing tops? When she stops nursing! Will I keep them? just long enough until I decide not to have more babies. I’m still not sure (but that’s not a post for THIS blog). I figure Elizabeth Lee shows mothers with nursing toddlers in her photos, so clearly someone is sewing nursing clothing for nursing toddlers 😉 Besides I think at this point, you need something to keep ya going. New bras, new tops.

At the end of this journey, whenever it ends, I will gift the tops to a mom’s group and some mama will be delighted to have a new wardrobe of nice tops. That keeps me going and keeps me making them superb garments, though I must admit the quality of the drafting and the flawless instructions are what really make the cake. I sew a lot. But I have rarely had SUCH good luck with a line of patterns (Christine Jonson would be the other exception) as Elizabeth Lee’s.

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