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Christmas sewing

I scaled back this year, but still am sewing. Tonight I’m making a pup tent (indoors or out!) for my niece and nephew, aged 6 and 4, two plush pillows and a floor cloth for them. The tent is a twin sheet in green & white striped fabric. For 15 years it was my shower curtain (the outer part) in my bathrooms both in Florida and in Michigan. The floor pillows and cloth are curly fun fur (very soft, I think it’s called Cuddle Fur) in brown. All is from stash, including the pillow stuffing, so I’m reducing stash, reusing AND making a fun gift!

And my peanut – she’s getting a Princess Dress, but I’ll probably be sewing THAT on Christmas Eve!!

By paradise

I'm Ann. I've been sewing since I was 9. My first project was a denim wrap skirt. Thrifting is a way of life for me - both eco-chic and financially savvy.

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