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Tonight, I got a lovely yoga/bodywear/sportswear catalog in the mail. Lots of knit tops and pants, fun dresses, some of those legging/miniskirt combos and a laid back attitude with cool graphics. It inspired me to do 35 minutes of yoga (or maybe a smidge more). And as I did so, I was wearing my Christine Jonson wide leg pants, with her banded waist variation (in black), and her classic dolman sleeve wrap top in cranberry, over a cream nursing cami. Chic. Sporty. I could spend a Saturday, in my gold ballet flats (or my purple quilted ones), after yoga, in this outfit.

And that got me thinking about all the patterns from my favorite knitwear designer, Christine Jonson (affiliation acknowledged – she’s our client now!) that are perfect for this lifestyle. And she could really tap into this crossover sport thing pretty easily. The base wear series, the wide and skinny leg pants, the flare leg pant in a knit with the banded waist variation. Wrap tops. Wrap dresses, pullover dresses, the one seam shrug wrap.

That’s yet another market, and another idea. And more things to sew!

I had been wondering how to make the flare leg pant I sewed in a knit, smaller, and I think using a small banded waist, and chopping off the existing facing will work fine. And I have the straight leg pant in a knit with a foldover band that also needs to get skinnier so I’ll do the same thing. Then, I’ve got two good yoga/travel pants.

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