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Finished challenge garment 1

CJPatterns Ruffle Top
CJPatterns Ruffle Top

I finished the ruffle top and it’s FANTASTIC. Perfect, fitted, gorgeous. Can I just say one more time how much I love Christine Jonson Patterns? Honestly. I made this almost right out of the envelope, making only a neckline adjustment Christine shows on her web site for making wrap necklines higher. I didn’t make a muslin. I didn’t even try it on as I sewed (though I do NOT recommend that normally). It. is. perfect.

So I finished it with a ‘faux twin’ using my machine’s stretch straight stitch (looks straight, but has give to it, like I used on the swimwear). And it, too, came out great. Just sewed two rows of parallel stitching on the hem. The sleeves, perfect, the top is just yummy. And I used Christine’s rayon lycra in a gorgeous canteloupe color. Looks marvy on me!

I’ve got the Trouser Jeans cut out. I am going to do the ‘pant challenge’ timed thing one of these nights after the babe goes to bed. I’ve got a head start with cutting out, but I’ll give myself a time penalty of 15 minutes (and explain the quickie chalk-terations) for doing so.

But before those, a couple of pairs of baby leggings!

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