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Halfway through the nursing swimsuit

I started with the more complex Nursing Classics tank suit (the bandeau tankini will be simpler, the nursing opening is on the shelf bra, and is a simple overlap). So I tried it on and it fits great! Without the leg, neck and arm elastic, of course, but the short-waist alteration was perfect, and the suit looks good on me. I think I’ll be pleased with the results of my first swimsuit. I will probably make more swimsuits, especially for Peanut as she grows up. Right now, ones with ruffly tushies 😉

I am looking forward to making the bandeau tankini as well. So far so good. I hope to get to a coverup made, but I have several wraps of various sizes/colors that I can take if needed. I have the rest of this weekend, this week and next weekend, and after that, the suits will be pressed into service in an up north pool-equipped hotel weekend with hubby, and then the following week, Florida!

I am also using a stretch straight stitch, one I’ve never used on my machine before and I like it. I folded the ‘hem’ over with the Wonder Tape and then stitched and it looks wonderful. I will use this on other applications where I need a stretch topstitch, but want a straight stitch look.

So far, I’m taking my time, being careful, and it’s working out well. It helps to have well-drafted patterns with good instructions and pictures to follow.

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