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hubs’ biking schedule and my sewing schedule

So this Friday I’m taking the day off work (I have five days to use up, and seven weeks til Christmas, and no time to take a week off…) But I’ve decided to send the babe to day care and sew. Yes, this seems rather selfish of me, right? But not really. I’ll be solo for another weekend while hubs goes mountain bike racing (lord help him if HE comes home with a collarbone injury like his good friend Dave). So taking the time Friday for myself ensures that I’m a happier mama this weekend.

So, what to sew? The two current projects – the cape and the bag.

And I do want to post that I’ve done a bit of shopping (I know, I know). Bought a leopard print nursing bra, a new nursing cami in teal, a down coat, and two pairs of pants. I intend to hem the pants to flat-shoe length to get me through this next five weeks of flat-shoe-while-broken-toe heals time.

The down coat? it’s long length, I’ve wanted one for years and it was $23. Can’t beat that!

So Friday I may ALSO do the pant challenge. Yes. Indeed. If I have time. Iridescent Denim. Christine Jonson flare leg pant with a fly-front zipper (change from pattern).

My current plan is:

baby to day care before 9am. Sew bag 9-12. Break for lunch. Sew cape 1-3pm (I think it’s a 2-hour project), then break away to sew pants in the challenge hour and a half, from 3-4:30pm. If I don’t have time for the pants, each of the next five weeks I’m taking an additional half day off, and I intend to take the baby to day care on the half day, so I’ll sew in the morning. So there are other days for the pant challenge.

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