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I hate waistbands

Let me just say that again. I hate waistbands. It’s probably been five years, perhaps more, since I sewed on a traditional (or in this case, contoured) waistband. I got it to work OK on the Janina shorts, but let me tell ya, not without a fight. First off, it was stretch denim. Second, the WB ends up being cut on the bias – the stretch fabric stretches even more. Anyway, besides that I didn’t mark them clearly and ended up interfacing the wrong two parts (two of the outsides, two of the insides, but no one can tell that when they’re done). I think sometimes I used to think it was me, poor sewing skills. But now that I have seen how fabric behaves, I can see that a stretch denim plus a contoured waist = recipe for disaster.

One of the sewists on our Sewing Refuge group omits them entirely and uses only Petersham-faced waistbands. I’m all for that, let me tell ya.

And this brings me to another post I’ve been meaning to write: should I only choose Tried N True patterns? I mean, today I construct a fabulous dress – and this is the THIRD Elizabeth Lee pattern that came together fantastically. A coat, and two dresses. All three are just perfect! And Christine Jonson, same thing, her patterns go together nearly flawlessly every time. What is it, instructions? yes, drafting? sure. But something more. They just WORK.

I love the cut of the Janina pants. Love them. Am I willing to make them again in a special fabric like the Italian windowpane wool? No. I will make the CJ trouser pant – a TNT pant that will work perfect for that fabric. There will be no tears. And I’ll use a Petersham ribbon in place of the facing.

Next up the BWoF denim dress. I’m confident on this one. I’m going to make the collar separate from the dress (as that is the right way to construct it) and then sew it on. So I won’t finish the dress, probably. Or maybe I will buy interfacing in town and try to finish it up.

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