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I must sew…

It’s 9pm on a Sunday and my kids are finally in bed. My 20 month old did NOT NAP today so there went all hope of sewing. And yesterday, the %$#!! tax planner (granted, it’s a whole lot easier than the actual taxes, which we can’t hope to do without professional help what with three businesses and a rental property.) But all that sucked up any available time for me to sew this:

Christine Jonson Patterns Shirred Turtleneck, Travel Trio 3

I have a lovely dusty peach, kind of a weathered Italian Villa peach colored rayon lycra knit that I have put aside for this top. It goes with a ruana that I already have, that looks awesome with wide leg cream wool trousers. And since it’s been super fantabulously warm and dry this winter (by Michigan standards, it’s been in the high 30s and sunny or low 40s and sunny) I’ve worn those pants at least twice their normal two dry and cool weeks in October and two dry and cool weeks in March!

The top of the turtleneck, above the bust, has a shirred section that is so cool. I have this already cut out and was *just* doing the basting stitches for the ruching when I heard baby wail at the end of his nap last weekend. Oh well, I can catch up as soon as I have a bit of caffeine and a free evening!

Speaking of great outfits, that skirt is a FREE pattern from Christine Jonson Patterns. Nice, eh? Four ruched panels.

This outfit at left really warrants a cape, don’t you think? I have a bunch of capes, really, more capes than any one girl should really need, but I think if I were to make another one, I’d make one like the Burda Style Hooded cape. I don’t have one with a hood. So, that’s all the not-sewing I did this weekend. We’ll try again next week!

I love the hooded cape!
Burda Style Cape 10/2011

At the bottom of the blog, in my Polyvore stream (entitled Good Looking Mama’), I clipped what I am sure Donna Karan would have worn had she still been chasing a toddler: black wide leg knit pants, ballet flats (have almost the exact same style already), a raspberry cowl neck top and a brown knit jacket, belted. The diaper bag is uuber chic, I want. But I’m still carrying a large LiveStrong Challenge backpack to day care, because, well, it goes to day care! Gets beat up a lot. While my diapering days have about a year to go (and I cloth diaper so I am toting both bigger dipes AND dirty ones in a wet bag on the way home!) I’m not sure I want to invest in a new one. Or maybe that’s the best reason TO invest in one – still have a year to go!

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