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I’m taking the plunge

I’ve always wanted to sew swimwear, so I’m buying two swimsuit patterns. The Kwik Sew tankini and the Elizabeth Lee Nursing classics tank. I decided on the tank because I may want a suit I can actually swim (as in laps) in. Mom suggested while one of us goes to the pool with babe, the other can swim some laps there. I thought that was a fantastic idea!

I’ll get some basic fabric at JoAnn’s with my gift card.

I am also looking at sewing another pair of workout pants. Today I edited the Nursing Classics sweatercoat and tank to have the tank top part cropped above crotch length (looks much better on me). I also slimmed down some yoga pants made from Christine Jonson’s straight leg pant (with a stretchy foldover waistband).

And I also ran across my zip off pants. I think I’ll take these to Florida instead. Though I *so* want a new pair of loose, wide leg linen pants too.

I have to limit what I sew – the babe needs a cute outfit too. So, swimsuits (two) and something for the babe. IF I have time, a pair of wide leg linen pants.

Someone posted a glowing review of BWoF 10/2008, 132, the wide leg, side zip pants that is shown with the cropped jacket. Said she loved it, she made a muslin, which was NOT NEEDED! ha! There’s a pant for me! I think I’ll try to put that on the must-sew list this winter.

I did make progress, I tried to thread my serger today with black thread, to sew the leggings. Maybe tomorrow.

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