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Leggings, a new Vogue Elements and a new nursing top

I sewed the CJ Base Wear Two leggings last weekend in a half hour or so (there’s another post about this a little further down). And then I also sewed a swing top with rosette out of the rose silk jersey. Yeah, I have two nursing tops out of the same fabric, but this one is a totally different style, and short sleeved to boot. So it’s cute, I’ll post a pic as soon as I take one of it.

The top was Elizabeth Lee Nursing Classics 207, view 3, the swing top. Though I didn’t do a turtleneck and ended up doing a wide scoopneck (not really intentionally – I had to cut the neck off three times before I got it in the right direction – serged together on the inside, with the two layers right side out at the same time when the overlay is on top). Sheesh. Anyway, it looks great on, like the swingy shape. It’ll be great with a pencil skirt in the spring, and skinny jeans and a cardi now.

The leggings worked out great on the first cross country ski with them. Very successful. Great pattern, no alterations, though I did chop off some at the ankle because they were long on me (and it was fine to do that at the ankle, they were narrower there than I liked).

I also scored the trench style coat (the cream one) that was part of the early Vogue Elements line, back when I would have never attempted a coat – before I knew coats were ‘easy beginner tailoring’ projects. Duh, never thought of it that way. I thought them MORE, not less complicated than say, a jacket. Truth is, with their easier, more forgiving fit, and streamlined pattern shapes to accomodate bulky fabrics, they’re easier, not harder, to sew! But I didn’t know that until recently when I read an article by Shannon Gifford on the Emma One Sock site about this fact. So now, I’m all about the coats (Like I need another! Ha!)

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