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So I was telling my friend Sue that I wanted to be memorable for a new prospective client meeting today, and I should wear my cape. She agreed, a cape is edgy and classic and would be memorable. Except it was 9 degrees when I left the house this morning, and that is NOT warm enough for a cape. So I didn’t wear it, and I’m kicking myself right now. And the cream pants were at the dry cleaners (why? I haven’t worn them in months!)

I pride myself on taking the time to be memorable (unique, creative) in part because I do think it sets me apart – and I’m the face of this company. In lieu of the cream wool pants and the fun cape, I have on pale creamy pink cotton trousers (well pressed at least), a lime green tunic and a cropped brown, pink, cream and lime green plaid jacket. It’s distinctive. Not quite the cape, though.

I do have on nice jewelry (but not TOO nice, kwim?) And that’lll have to do. But then I went searching for cream (washable) double knit for pants, and found it at Vogue Fabrics. I’m still not convinced I ‘need’ it – and would rather spend my gift certificate on something else, I think. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I’m hoarding the gift card now!

I do look nice, it’ll be a great meeting and NEXT meeting, I’ll wear the cape 😉

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I'm Ann. I've been sewing since I was 9. My first project was a denim wrap skirt. Thrifting is a way of life for me - both eco-chic and financially savvy.

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