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Micro mini swap got a little larger

I’m adding the messenger bag to the MMS – after all, it matches! Tonight I cut out the fusible fleece. I’ll try to sew the decorative top flap tomorrow. I will try to sew the lining on Friday night, and the main body of the bag on Sunday. I also need to cut that cape! But the diaper bag is ripped (the current one) and I have other capes.

Tonight, in a moment of exasperation, I ditched the rest of the fam and ran off to a secondhand store. I was looking for corduroys. I tried on a dozen pairs at least. 4’s were too large, 2’s were just fine, but a few of the 2’s were just too low cut for me. I ended up with one nice pair of black ones. In the process I found a pair of checked trousers and a pair of winter white wool flannel trousers! I have been wanting winter white wool flannel for YEARS! These fit like a dream too, Banana Republic, size 2.

Speaking of which, I am a size 2 – which, if pattern sizing is any judge, is what a size 8 used to be. I still wear a pattern size 8 (but not a 12 or 14 like I used to a few years back). And since I was not happy with the excess skin and poochiness of the belly (but I love the poochiness of the baby’s cheeks!) I abstained from ice cream – and I don’t really miss it.

But the winter white pants…with the MMS cape and the white blouse? Perfect!

So I’m thinking of what comes after the MMS? I might dive into the red wool gauze jacket, and houndstooth pants with funky print top. I posted this a while back…

It’s a good next MMS that will take me into December. December! Let’s not go there yet.

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