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More nursing patterns

I bought four Elizabeth lee nursing patterns tonight (sale on the site). The photos there are kinda dorky – and they need newer mothers modeling. But I have seen the very same styles in my latest nursingwear catalogs so I decided to try my hand at a few more tops. I bought NC 205, tops from sleevless to turtleneck; 207, empire overlay tops; 307 curved twinset and regular twinset tops; and 105, which is a long classic nightgown.

Plus someone in a contest sewed pajamas from the twinset patterns – which is a terrific idea. She used a beautiful silk for both. A silky knit would also work fabulously. Long sleeves, long pants, perfect for those arctic nights where my DH turns the A/C down really low.

Why now? Look, I’ll be nursing her for at least another year. And I love to sew. And I could, if asked, sew for a friend (or just make her a gift – I think she’d wear the twinsets.)

On the curved front twinset, I want to make one that looks like this:

For that, I think making it in an extra small, with 3/4 sleeves would do the trick. I have several knit choices for this one, including a couple of heather gray very lightweight wool knits.

For summer, a couple of sleeveless nursing tanks (the NC 205), a nursing tube top (yes indeed!) and a few fun twinsets for work would be perfect. I might even lengthen the cardigan to knee length and do a 3/4 sleeve for a maxi cardi look. Chic!

Jeez it all makes me want to keep nursing her til she’s three (and she might want that too!)

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