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New NC 307 sweatercoat

Elizabeth Lee Nursing Classics 307, view 5

Just finished a 2 1/2 hour session of sewing, after baby went to bed, and finished a lovely sweatercoat with shell faux twinset! I used a print knit for the underlay, and a sweater knit for the body of the sweater. It came out great! I have one thing to fix – I did not like how the facing turned out, so I am going to pick it out, trim away the seam allowance, turn and handstitch it instead. But that’s tomorrow.

It was fussy, the sweaterknit. And using the heavier ‘buttermilk’ print knit with both a front and back underlay (the mohair sweaterknit was a bit airy so I made a second back, the length of the underlay) was fussy too. But in the end, it came out well, I’m pleased. I’ll make another sweatercoat-twinset out of some wool jersey in my stash for sure.

The sleeves on this are long and lean – they’re not the oversized sleeves of most of the big 3 patterns, which I was very surprised about. I expected (given the generous sizing elsewhere) for the sleeves to be bigger too. But they are not, and that’s a very good thing – I think a too-big sleeve makes you look too big (or swimming in your clothes.

So, another successful Elizabeth Lee nursing classics pattern sewed!

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