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Nursing workout top

I made Elizabeth Lee Nursing Classics 205, the tank, in a wicking pink knit. It’s not at all stretchy on the lengthwise grain, somewhat stretchy, with low recovery, on the crosswise grain. I’ve strugged with this fabric before, some years back. I did a good job on this one, not perfect, but it’s great for working out. AND I tried a new technique, a banded neckline and a banded sleeve opening, though I could have done a better job on the neckline (it was loose on the front neck and tighter on the back, instead of vice versa). As I said, good for working out.

And I cut baby leggings, but somehow had the top of the pattern folded over, and alas, they’re gonna need a waist band cut and serged on (sigh).

I did not get to the black pants, but I didn’t think I would until this week. I may just serge the edges this week and take them to Mom’s at the end of the week and single-needle them together over the weekend. A good weekend project, actually. The challenge this time is to actually sew on an invisible zipper that is ACTUALLY invisible. I know there’s a trick to this with pressing the zipper flat, but I’ve not yet achieved a good result with it so far. I do plan to perfect it this time.

I also browsed the Vogue Elements collection, putting away the coat pattern I got on ebay this week. There are some GREAT patterns in there. It also reminds me that I’m more of the ‘modern classics’ kind of girl.

And I also pulled out Vogue 8463 and decided that needs to be on my must-sew-soon list. (that is a VERY long list, I realize, but hey, I’ve been sewing up a storm lately!)

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