August 11th, 2011

I never did find the journal. Bought a new one. I still hold out  hope it will return. In the new one, I wrote my  name, phone number and reward for return.

As I tackle a challenging day at work, I think how easy it would be to imagine a different life. But then I remember that, too, has it’s own challenges, and in many ways those are harder challenges for me to face. Funny that a preschooler could be harder than clients, servers and technology, but it’s true. Preschoolers are wiley ;D I think I’m making a go of motherhood, volunteer work and professional work. I think I find time to do the things I need for me – exercise, read, sew, knit, though the time that’s there is very small and I have to take advantage of it. More important I have to recognize that I can’t beat myself up if at 10:30pm when my children are at last in bed, that I don’t have to sew – maybe that’s a knitting or reading time, instead.

And I’ve provided for my family now for a year. That feels pretty good. We’ve even had a few luxuries along the way – a trip to Florida. I’ll still post here (and offline, too) and still hold out hope the journal finds it’s way back to me.

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