It was a quintessentially perfect summer weekend

August 28th, 2011

The kind of weekend that you want to bottle up and crack open deep in February when winter is digging in it’s heels. Pure blue sky, with puffy white clouds. 78 degrees. A nice breeze. Working in the garden, harvesting our bounty of tomatoes and basil. I dyed the Megan Nielsen Pina Nursing dress a dark blue, using some Rit Dye that I had hanging around. Usually I’d mix up a batch of procion dye, but had this in my laundry room. The dress did not dye perfectly even, even though I wet it first and swooshed it around a bunch. However like all dyeing, the genius is not knowing how it will turn out and being surprised. In this case, ever so slightly lighter marks on the fabric of the dress look like an all-over texture, it’s quite nice.  I’ll post a photo when I’m not wearing it (hubby is not always accommodating of the photo session).

As a navy dress, I like this much better. though I love the pale blue Jalie 2787 top I made from the same fabric, and I love a RTW cream knit dress I bought two years ago (so it’s not the ‘light’ factor), this blue just reminded me of a nightie, I Never felt totally comfortable in it as a dress. The navy is much better.

I often forget about dye as a solution to a wardrobe challenge, but I should. It’s versatile. Easy. Fast.

I also took the liberty of hanging the cloth diapers out to dry, a very good solution to get them white.

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