It sneaks up on you

August 31st, 2011

Fall, that is. First, it’s a few cool mornings. Then it’s a blast of summer heat, then a few more cool days. It’s coming, but it is not here yet.

All summer long I’ve been dealing with an extreme case of dry and straw-like hair. I chalked it up to a visit to the salon for highlights and full color in June. But the reality is, right around this time with my first baby, about 12-15 months, it’s as if all the life goes out of my hair! I was lamenting this, even wondering if this was just my hair, in my 40s, but decided, no, this very same thing happened.

So I”m loading up on vitamins for my last weekend at the beach for summer (I’ll be back, but it will not be summer when I return). And I’m taking advantage of it. I’m leaving sewing behind (I am bringing patterns to trace, though), bringing a few magazines, a book, a journal, and my yoga mat. And I’m spending every bit of time I can in the last hot days of summer, up north, on the beach.

Because fall is lurking.

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