stealing a weekend from Old Man Winter

October 10th, 2011

So I just posted last month that we wouldn’t have another beach weekend! And lo, what did we get? Sunny and 80 degrees! No kidding!! It was my birthday weekend, so it’s extra special. Gorgeous, sunny, tank top and shorts weather ON the beach, IN the water, barefoot on the sand, it was glorious. Yes, I know Fall is coming (not here yet…) but boy, to have this weekend, on my birthday no less, well. that was somethin’.

I know I don’t post here nearly as often as I used to. Mainly on my sewing blog or on my paper journal (I know, I know, I lost a lot in that journal – losing incident this summer). But I am going to try to post regularly.

This weekend, Christian’s words are: mama, zuzu, all done, apple (mainly said as bapple?) milk, nur-nur (nursing), down, no (of course) ,ball, and pup (for up). He might know a few more words. He’s thinking more in words too, I can tell. He wakes in the night and asks “nur nur?” and the other night, after the dog was squeaking, rustling her collar and being generally annoying at 4am, he woke and said “Zuzu!” Indeed. We laughed.

I swear he said nur-nur, no, tonight, as he squiggled to get down from my lap, clearly intent on a toy, not nur-nur. his first two-word sentence.

He can nearly run, he loves balls, the toy cars he rides on and of course, his mama.

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