babyloss awareness

October 18th, 2011

October is babyloss awareness month. So I’ve spent a great deal of time overhauling the HOPING site, and reading and being inspired (and moved to tears) finding stories of women all over the world. Blogging was relatively new when I started in 2004, so there weren’t very many. Now there are zillions – and many of them devoted to the loss and remembrance of their children. And so many are doing wonderful things for other parents, just like we do through HOPING. But this month, probably more than any other – is a hard one. I was pregnant every time in October – either starting or ending one, or both.

Tonight I was reading a blogger who lost a baby to incompetent cervix. She posted “one tiny ultrasound would have saved your life”, and I think back to the nurse/receptionist at the doctor’s office “well, three weeks is better than five” and I agreed. Thank God, I agreed. because had we waited one more day beyond three weeks to have that ultrasound, we’d have lost our little girl, and I doubt we’d have ever tried again. But as it were, that little peanut is asleep in her bed, and her brother, asleep in ours. And I am blessed far beyond measure for their presence in my life.

Today we started the 10 hugs days. We have to give 10 hugs to each other each day (we’ll start with ten and go up from there.) I think my girl was missing my touch, and she seemed genuinely better behaved and more loving. It’s working.

I am so unbelievably blessed, really. Pinch me!

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