October 23rd, 2011

Today, this weekend, such gorgeous weather! I’m waiting patiently (or maybe toe-tappingly) for baby to wake from his nap so we can go to the park again. Today at Mass, we saw a family – an older couple, with a son, whom I am surmising has CP – they come a lot of the same weeks we do. Today, as I chased our active 16 month old boy, squealing, wiggling, alligator-rolling boy, I thought, I am so grateful. This mother, really, she would give anything to see her son run and bounce off the walls, as my boy is doing.

It’s amazing how lucky we are, they are both amazing children, beautiful children. We’re told again and again what a beautiful family we have. Indeed. Off to see if I can kiss the little one awake so we can enjoy this gorgeous sunny fall day before it goes, all too soon.

When I went up there, he had thrown the covers off, was sleeping on his tummy, arms tucked under him, bottom in the air. I covered him with a crochet baby blanket and let him snooze a bit more. Tired boy. I’m going to go sit on the porch for a bit, by myself.

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