What did you do today?

November 8th, 2011

I think as women we sell ourselves short and we compete with each other to boot. But what if, instead of coveting her (life, boots, hair, body, children) you simply appreciated all that you have done today. Today, a typical Tuesday in November, I got up, cloth diapered one, got the other dressed in some weather-if-not-fashion-appropriate outfit, grabbed frozen breastmilk from the basement freezer, raced everyone to day care. I worked a full day – two staffers in (one in the morning, concepting a new leave-behind/inspiration print piece, another in the afternoon, writing social media strategy, preparing a marketing mailing for a client, handling a server / software issue for another client). In between, edited two volunteer web sites, updated a volunteer marketing plan.  I raced to day care after work, later than usual, took both children in to vote, where the youngest proceeded to unplug the very voting booth I was using (thank goodness we still use markers and paper to vote!). Nurse, dinner, play, put two kids to bed, folded and washed two loads of laundry, pre-treated two kid outfits, , straightened up the living room, did the dishes. Oh, yes, and cleaned three bathrooms! (I had almost forgotten that I’d skipped my portion of Housecleaning Monday to go to the grocery store last night.)

Now, journaling my day, pulling out knitting of a baby sweater for the youngest. Yes, indeed. Last night I even cut out a sewing project. I made a pot of tea, it’s a nice relaxing finish.

I think that’s the sort of thing we should celebrate – the accomplishments! It took me at least 500 words to put that all down, and it was a big glossing over of the tiny details – teaching the baby (17 month old almost) to say “cheese” (he holds up whatever is in his hand, to his face and says something like “seez!”)

Celebrate what we accomplish, acknowledge that we all go after different things, and be present in our own lives.

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