My goals are always the same

January 1st, 2012

They don’t change much, because they really are part of who I am. So here it goes for 2012:

Love our stuff: We have a lot of great stuff – from pizza and Italian breads cookbook and pizza pan, to a set of small ashtrays that are perfect for sushi, to fancy china, to a closetful of clothes, scarves and jewelry. Some help might be an app to help me manage my closet ideas (love the apps), and combining the love our friends category and love our stuff to have love our stuff with friends!

  • Clean out – basement, closets
  • Revisit – closets & cupboards first
  • Repurpose – reuse- recycle – donate

Love our friends & family: Call at least three friends per month for a play date – from group playdates to coffee and kids to moms night in. Visit our cousins, including a trip to TX in the spring and CA next fall. Of course there will be a wedding, and we should make a weekend of it! See the neighbors, and invite them over. Part of this is  a clean house, and we can see the Love Our Home section for that.

Celebrate our faith & give back: We love to volunteer, but we often forget how much we do, so a regular ‘accounting’ in the journal of all the wonderful things we are doing for others is really helpful. Faith deepens with more regular attendance at mass. Maybe even a blog-study?

Be Healthy: From vitamins for all of us, to walking Zuzu every day, to getting enough sleep, we all need to be healthier. We do a good job. We can do better – Meatless Mondays, Fish Fridays and at least one Salad Saturday from time to time.

  • Garden
  • Run – 3- 5Ks and mini sprint Tri, plus regular weekly runs
  • Bike – Trainers in the winter, once per week in the nice weather – get a ‘girls’ riding group going  – through friendships & ATHENA WIN
  • Sail – get a sitter and sail the lightning. come out to sail on Wednesdays with Christian
  • Gratitude prayers and journal (for the kids, daily prayers, for me, journaling)

Have fun! From date night to kid crafts, we need to all have more fun. So I profess  Fun Fridays at our house where we enjoy games, crafts, drawing, plays and other such fun as a family. We also need to cultivate a loving home – and that, for me starts with ditching impatience in favor of savoring the moment.

  • Sew, knit, needlepoint, sketch, create.
  • Museum, skate, swim, ski, sail, bike

Home love: Enhance our space with love and creativity.

  • Garden – create new garden spots for more growing
  • Creatively create outdoor spaces and furniture for relaxing with our littles
  • Plant flowers/harvest flowers & greenery every week for our home.
  • Keep it clean. Work to have no dishes and maintain Housecleaning Monday every week, with Kid Toy Pickup nightly.

Savor: Photograph and scrapbook everything. These days are going so fast and saving and archiving them to photos is important. Create a digital backup and archive at the office, as well.

Create: Learn new stuff.

Business: (just a bit, the marketing plan is taking the place of this)

  • Deliver ROI
  • Be passionate
  • Expect value and deliver more
  • Follow the plan for my business that I tell my clients to
  • Learn CSS well
  •  Become an expert in several areas – small business digital marketing and entrepreneur web site consulting.

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