A good hair day is two seconds away: life with wigs

February 5th, 2016

I’ve made no secret that I wear wigs – not by choice, mind. I have an autoimmune condition called Alopecia Universalis, which means I lose the hair on my head and body randomly (and completely.) It has come and gone since 2012, when I was under a great deal of work stress. This fall it went, in a hurry, in about three weeks’ time (although work stress has improved drastically, it was a delayed reaction.) I bought a human hair wig for the first time, very expensive. I also got a temporary synthetic wig while my new one was being made, as a stopgap.

Today, frustrated by my human hair wig’s craziness with the sightly warmer, melting-snow-after-days-of-rain weather, I ripped that sucker off and put on a (slightly shorter and darker) synthetic wig. Aaah. Instant good hair day. I will have to wash the human hair wig and restyle it.

I am thinking of getting my human hair wig cut a bit more (it’s best to go slow, even if I do have to pay for each cut.)  I am also thinking of getting one of my old synthetic wigs cut a bit too. Synthetic wigs get split ends – and unlike your hair, you can’t just cut them off and let it regrow. You can cut, but it’s never coming back. But this one that I have on is fairly new (even if temporary) and it looks cute. I doubt anyone but my family will notice I have on a different wig today. I am even considering getting an ‘inexpensive’ (i.e. probably about $250) synthetic wig in a totally different style – long, perhaps. I mean, why  not?

I waffle between “I don’t want anyone to know! Especially clients!” to, “let’s have fun with this!” My wardrobe changes daily, why not my hair? I’m also getting to the point where my fake hair is in better condition (due to age) than my real hair will be. This is a definite advantage – with wigs, you get the benefit of “younger” hair which really does make you look a lot younger.


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