Twister Tee

July 23rd, 2006

I’m starting something new (with new blog = new tools). I’ll divvy up the posts into categories and post some photos of sewing things. Today I’ve posted the twister top. I scratched my head a lot over this one while making it. When it goes together, it is a big X and you have to connect the sideseams, then twist end over end to get the front. My mother helped me by sitting on the daybed as I said “now how to enclose all the seams”…serging, from an opening CB on the inside as it turns out. But there was a lot of “no, try it this way instead”. Twister Top - My pattern

Her couture tailoring is better than me, but I think I’ve begun to surpass her in pattern design & drafting.

There is a new top (the 1 pattern, 3 seam tee) that I also want to try. I have more knits to sew.

Twister Top - My pattern

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