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Sew Baby reversible sundress

Sew Baby reversible sundress

Is this not the cutest dress? I also made the elastic waist bloomer shorts in the navy (the reverse side).

It came together pretty easily, too. I could see this as a jumper over a long sleeved shirt and leggings in the winter. It’s pretty versatile, this dress! Plus, as

peanut sundress2

any mother who’s picked their child up from day care to discover they’re in a stained outfit, I can turn it inside out and put it back on her. Voila! clean dress!

I didn’t do the back buttons, I didn’t think they were needed. I did double buttons on the top so it can be buttoned from either side. And it’s a smidge big on her so it may last as a jumper in the fall (good thing those colors are fall-ish too)

She hasn’t worn the other side yet, because this side got ice cream on it from a neighborhood block party, but next time…

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