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I think the impetus for sewing often stems from two types of situations. I want but can’t afford high end designer duds. Or something that bugs you. Jeans that don’t fit. Plus fashions that don’t look dumpy, trendy stuff that’s not too skimpy. Me?

Christine Jonson Base Wear Two pattern
Shapely tee with lots of options.

Two things I have to sew right now, and one of them is breastfeeding friendly tops. Yes, I know, a nursing cami underneath a sweater or shirt works. But in a sling, with a baby in it, it’s frustratingly difficult to yank your shirt up under the strung-tight sling. I was cursing not having an empire waist turtleneck every time I nursed today. Like eight or nine times (and each side, what’s that 16 times?)

Further, I nurse at work, and I have other people at my office frequently (whether quietly nursing under a sling’s tail during a client meeting, or with my staff.)  Yes, I have my own space, and I do close myself off for a few feedings a day just so I can have some one-on-one baby time, but other times, I must just continue to work, nursing at keyboard as it’s known.

So in comes the pattern alterations. This week I’m taking Christine Jonson Patterns Base Wear Two tee, a very shapely fitted tee, and making a nursing friendly empire waist opening. I was thinking I’d leave the sleeves elbow length, but it’s going to be 12 degrees and 10 degrees this weekend, so I think I’ll make them long sleeved and then cut them off to elbow for summer.

Gorgeous shirred yoke turtleneck. Warm!

Christine Jonson’s Travel Trio Three has a gorgeous shirred yoke turtleneck that’s next on the list, too. Because what I really needed, today, was a turtle to keep me warm and my baby fed.

I’m with a baby in a sling so many hours a day now, between work, home (now!) that the practicality of tops for breastfeeding can’t be beat.

The second project I’ll be in need of soon, all that breastfeeding and all, are new jeans. I’m almost skinnied right out of my skinniest pre pregnancy jeans. And my son, exclusively breastfed and just experimenting with the occasional squished banana, is just 7 months old. He’ll feed til I waste away in three months!

Wider leg trouser fit jeans. Or cords.

So on the hit parade are the Hot Patterns Jeans Jeanius Trouser Jeans, and a straight leg BurdaStyle jean from the magazine (there are many varieties, but I’m thinking one from this past summer, in a beachy spread featuring polo dresses, kids’ clothes, I want to say it’s July of 2010?) I love Burda’s fit, and I am dying to try out Hot Patterns’s legendary L-shaped crotch curve in a wider leg jean.

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