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Sewing for Christmas

I cut out three patterns (add to the four or so already waiting…and the mending…) this week for Christmas. A twirly dress in stretch poly velvet and brown floral cotton, a Twirly Shirt and Pants from a mixed blues-and-reds-creams cotton prints, a Burda one piece romper with dinosaurs on it, a Megan Nielsen nursing top.

I mortally wounded a Christine Jonson Cross Your Heart Top (I didn’t mark properly, and it’s a tricky pattern, not Christine’s fault) with my seam ripper and decided to just cut out the other view, the v-neck top, and use the sleeves/same fabric instead. I have a Christine Jonson Basewear Two Straight Skirt cut out of a matte jersey print, as well as some mending of various items.

Left to cut out is the Sew Baby Poncho for my peanut (she’s getting three things, plus some Barbie dresses suitable for little girls to put on, mainly strapless gowns with shrugs – she cannot manipulate the shirts/pants very easily at 3 1/2).

My little guy is getting a taggie blanket, a dinosaur stuffed toy and the romper with matching hat and booties.

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I'm Ann. I've been sewing since I was 9. My first project was a denim wrap skirt. Thrifting is a way of life for me - both eco-chic and financially savvy.

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