New sewing patterns from Hot Patterns! Poncho and twist front top and dress

This week, new sewing patterns arrived in my mailbox from HotPatterns! I got the Fast & Fabulous Jet Setter Poncho and the Metropolitan Verano Dress & Top. I added these

Legging looks for moms

A recent discussion online about whether moms can wear leggings with tops spurred this blog post. The consensus is yes, with an appropriate top and a longer cardi or jacket

Three ways to wear shorts with a blazer or jacket

It seems like an awfully long time since women’s shorts were in such fashion – I don’t mean that women weren’t wearing shorts, just that high fashion hadn’t zeroed in

Sewparadise is on vacation! Fun and fashion in Delray Beach, Florida.

It is a beautiful morning in Delray Beach. Cool especially by Florida standards. Even Michigan me is wearing white jeans, black cardI sweater and an aqua pashmina. Today I pick

Preppy nursing fashionista

I had a friend describe my style as ‘preppy’ a few months back. I always termed this ‘modern classics’ myself, but OK, preppy. It fits. I’m a sailing mom in

Winter basics and some shoppin’

I pulled this from BurdaStyle (the German web site). I have inherited a couple pairs of ‘carrot’ pants, vintage Escada, and am making them skinnier at the ankles like this

This just makes me happy

Lovely, just lovely. Look at all those colors! If I had a grand to spend and had to spend it (because I’d probably save it, in my retirement account!) I’d

DIY No-sew nursing tops

This is a super easy tute, and cheap to do. You can purchase inexpensive knit shirts, or get some from thrift or second-hand stores. Don’t be afraid to cut up

My fantasy travel packing list…

…I pack for a sun vacation like this: swimsuit, sexy maillot style (it’s what all the French girls wear…)poncho, wide legged linen pants, wrap skirt, big sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.

woo hoo! I won!

I won a gift certificate to Motherwear! This is a breastfeeding clothing web site, from which, I own a lot of their tops and dresses. They’re always coming out with

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