Still loving vintage sewing patterns after all these years

Vintage Butterick Sewing Pattern, wide leg trousers, crop top Today I’m wearing a pair of vintage linen wide leg trousers. I made them from this sewing pattern back in, oh, about 1997 or so.  The fabric isn’t 100% linen, and that’s why they’ve withstood nearly every Florida beach vacation I’ve had in the last 18 years, not to mention every summer vacation. They don’t wrinkle (much) and they press like a dream. The fabric is hard wearing and needs to be. These are my go-to summer pants.  They’re in an oatmeal/flax linen (like the model photo on the left) and go with nearly every summer outfit I have.

This summer, the wide leg printed trouser and the crop top both returned for a redux in fashion. While these pants are high waisted and I could probably wear them with the crop top, this is definitely a very casual weekend look for a middle aged mother of two. That conjures up a very specific visual, right? But I’m a runner, cyclist, duathlete, sailor, skier and all-around high energy mom, so a high waisted pant and a crop top would be just fine. I also have the skin of someone much younger (just as long as my stretched-out-post-baby-belly is covered up past my navel.) And, well, there is a full-length version of that woven-fabric camisole, too.

What I love about this pattern is the lounging-at-a-poolside-bar vibe. Deep in my past life as a Floridian (early to late 90s), my husband and I went to a Louisiana-style crawfish boil at a fancy condo on Biscayne Bay in Miami. Our friends hosted the party by the pool, complete with a coffin-sized box of crawfish, boiled with corn, potatoes and some delicious and probably secret-ingredient crawfish boil spices. THIS is the outfit that I needed for that party. I have zero clue what I wore (it was hot; probably shorts and a tee shirt) but I would like to think this pattern would fit in perfectly.

I also really love the model here – she looks like she fits the part, she’s got cropped hair and an attitude of hipster fun about her, doesn’t she? She is probably my age now, as well, maybe a middle-aged mother of two herself. And maybe, just maybe, she would also look good in this crop top and wide leg pants, too.

In my searching for this vintage pattern, I ran across several others that I am intending to sew, yet. Bucket list sewing, if you will. And I’ll feature one of them in a post in the upcoming months. I encourage you to do the same, go find a vintage pattern YOU have in your stash. Can you use it? If so, sew it up! There are some vintage coulottes in my stash, and you know they’ve returned to fashion among the young and hip.

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