DIY funnelneck / turtleneck sewing pattern and a great striped top

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Today (and yesterday) I wore my October boots in February. Yes, I have October boots. Just look at them! Dove gray suede. You’d be a fool to wear them when it’s anything but cool, sunny and perfectly dry. Which, generally, is not February. Except this year. Yeah, yeah, global warming is a hoax, so why have I worn my October boots in November and February in the sunshine, but I’ve only cross country skied three times? #science.

The October February boots are paired today with the Christine Jonson Patterns funnelneck top. I actually made this last winter out of a moderately¬† heavy striped knit fabric. It shrunk a bit (despite prewashing) and so now my gargantuan long arms plus shrink, they are back to the 3/4 sleeve that the pattern actually comes with. I do lengthen these sleeves when I make this turtle (just draw them down to your preferred sleeve length, that’s it!) I am also wearing the Ruana in fleece from Travel Trio Three also from Christine Jonson Patterns and my Levis High Rise Skinny (perfect for riding bikes to meetings, which I did earlier this morning.) The gloves are a beautiful soft leather long glove, to be worn with capes, ponchos and my cropped faux fur vintage coat.

What do I love about this turtleneck? It is just two pattern pieces. That’s it! A front/back and a sleeve. You can make a turtleneck in 20 minutes, and that’s not much more than browsing your favorite online catalog website and checking out your cart. I’m going to see if I have any spring like colors of knit in my stash and make some of these in some yummy colors. They look ah-mazing with a Chanel-style jacket and jeans. And your October boots. In February! I had this fabric in stash for a long time and it’s been so wonderful to wear it. Friends, stash is bad. You need to be wearing all those gorgeous fabrics. You can’t even remember what you have. Get that stuff out of your closet and sew it up! I know, I know, we all think, well, we’ll screw that up and that gorgeous fabric will be gone. So I sew tried -and-true patterns with the special fabrics. Things I’ve made, that worked, and that will work for similar fabrics.

The Ruana is one that I have also worn before and may have even posted about it here. It’s a bit chilly in this picture, sun nonwithstanding, but later this week I’ll actually be wearing the ruana as outerwear and I might be too warm. I might need February sandals and not in Florida either. Christine Jonson Funnelneck Travel Trio Two


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