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Sew Paradise | March 2, 2009 | By

The spring challenge starts when I get back. I would also like to alter my navy fleece ruana into a circular shape with ruffled edge, like the ones I saw in Avignon at the market. I think Navy is a great spring color, and a ruana is a great coverup for cooler mornings that give way to warm spring afternoons.

I’m taking the next two weeks off of sewing. I drafted a ‘sloper’ pants pattern for the March 15 sewing group. I plan to lay that over/under the Pants to Die For (hot patterns) and see how close I am to the pattern in the area of crotch depth, ease preference, etc. I know these are wide pants. It’s just the crotch depth and such that I’m concerned about.

When I get back, I’ll cut out the top first, then the denim trouser pants, then, finally, first a muslin, then the Princess Jacket. I hope to have it all done by early April.

I also have the Riviera jacket, and the bright print wrap dress (probably a banded sleeve there). All fun spring sewing.

There’s the Japanese cottons – a sundress or two for peanut, with ruffled tiers, and probably a nursing top for myself. I say she’s not ready to wean – she was literally latched on ALL WEEKEND. It was crazy. I’ll need a whole new wardrobe of nursing tops at this rate!


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