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So I bought three new pairs of shoes. And decided to keep them all! Eek! Yeah it’s like $160 worth of shoes.

I got skyscraper white platform strappy sandals, with a wood wedge, spring green wedge espadrilles in leather with a flower on the wedge, silver strappy mini wedges. Yum. But I also put my gold strappy heels in my main shoe box, so I’d wear them more. It’s summer. I love shoes. It was just Mother’s Day. I’m justifying it all the way. I paid off my credit card today.

Keep me honest, I must not buy any more stuff right now. We need to save for another semester of prepaid tuition for the baby.

That means no shopping (except rummage sales would be OK.)

Sigh. What IS it? Oh well, I work hard for my money. Shop thrifty. Love shoes. ‘Nuff said.


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