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Spring! Summer! Winter??

so today is, last I checked, March 14th. Winter for another week at least. But today it’s 72 degrees (at like 1pm!) I went for a run at lunch in shorts! Shorts!

I’m a working/nursing mother, so I also have to pump milk once a day. But I’m self employed, so I cut myself a slightly longer lunch hour slack to do all this. I ate at my desk ;). Today, I broke out the slingback strappy sandals. These are silver, a demi-wedge that are the office equivalent of flip flops (as in, I’d never wear flip flops to work, but these are flat, comfortable and stylish)

I’ve paired them up with a ‘digital herringbone’ black and white print wider leg trouser, and a black with taupe graphic print wrap top. And a jacket. Always a jacket. I would like to go really wide with some linen trousers this summer (always my eternal quest for the perfect wide leg linen trouser!) and these shoes will be a perfect fit.

I also have them in black snakeskin to wear with summer dresses. And a summer wedding at a yacht club. yummmm. yacht club wedding. Not just any wedding, either, my baby brother’s wedding! More on that later. I am not sure if I’m sewing a dress or buying one for that event. It depends – if I’m not done sewing by early July, I will have to buy one ;D

Anyway, this outfit is the perfect low key, not too floral-and-coral spring outfit.


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I'm Ann. I've been sewing since I was 9. My first project was a denim wrap skirt. Thrifting is a way of life for me - both eco-chic and financially savvy.

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