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Stash game 2009

Bear with me, this one’s gonna be heavy with photos and copy. I signed up for Sewing stash game. And had big ambitions in a month where I was 1) gone for two weeks on vacation 2) traveled to Chicago for U2 concert & visit with in laws 3) put on a breastfeeding walk and 4) launched a bunch of big web sites at work. So, with all of that, I amassed a paltry 122 points (some mamas have like 900!) in this complicated contest where even velcro gets a point.

But I sewed 13 and 1/3 yards of stash. And putting away said stash in my cabinet in the basement, I realized I have not as many pieces of unsewn or uncut fabric. I do have a lot of partial cuts, and if I’m savin’ them, I’d better be sewing them. But the stash isn’t as huge as I once thought it was. It’s still big, though.

So here goes:


Pretty Mama gift set for LLL auction – baby sling (double layer) and diaper bag.

chiffon and duppioni scarf for LLL auction

Chiffon and silk duppioni scarf (dress is purchased/donated). Made two of these, won my own auction, gave the other to a friend.


From left, toddler dress from tee shirt (hubs calls these belly shirts) that was too short, but fit otherwise. Sewed hand-batiked fabric to shirt to make the skirt.

The chiffon and duppioni scarf (see above).

Fleece hat (UFO)

Kwik Sew knit top for mama.

NC303ToddlerdressElizabeth Lee nursing Classics 303, toddler dress. size 2t. Matte Jersey. See my notes on the mama dress about sewing with matte jersey and the copious amounts of Steam A Seam that I used. That stuff is flat out miraculous for hemming knits.

NC302MamaDressNC 302, also Elizabeth Lee. This dress has nursing openings under the princess seams. I must have used an entire package of Steam a Seam on this project. Although this dress is for knits, too, as well as wovens (two different cutting lines), in fact, matte jersey is a challenging fabric. It came out well, but boy, it took a lot to get there, and there are some Amish mistakes in it.

I’d say, cotton lycra, even a rayon lycra. But sheesh. Not matte jersey again.

All in all, I did not get everything done – still cut but not completely sewn or sewn at all:Hot Patterns Homage Tote, and Hot Patterns Riviera Cardigan. A few recycled, or recrafted projects from jeans in the pile. Twirly top and pants which I had wanted to get to, but hey, didn’t happen.

But my stash sewing is NOT over, not by a longshot. I have holiday sewing to begin in earnest. And there are 8 more Tinkle Time Trainers to sew!


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