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the cape is maybe on hold

I started cutting it out – was just up to matching plaids on the fronts to the backs, and then tonight, I had a giant flashlight fall on my toe. You know the one that sits on the shelf in the closet by the hall, and I opened the door, hubs had it standing upright (which I hate) and lo and behold, it landed square on my toe. Damn. There goes the cute shoes, and I”m surely not standing upright to cut out that cape tonight. The best I can do is maybe move the chairs and wheel my way round the table during naptime.

I am making view B, the shorter version, but without the back belt, front detail and epaulets. Just simple, mid hip length, with Kasha winter coat flannel back satin lining.

Okay I mostly sat (mostly). But it’s cut and I’m not too badly hurting. As I put the leftovers away (enough to make an a-line skirt for sure), I noticed all the great fabrics I have to sew! So much fun!

Tonight, as I’m contemplating the slightly ugly shoes (well, they’re not ugly, they’re just casual – mules with little cutouts on the toe) for the next six weeks, I’m bemoaning a beautiful fall in the navy patent peep toes. Sigh. Oh well, I’ve worn them a lot this fall already!

What has my eye right now are some red patent ballerina flats from Goex, the breathable shoes. mmm. they’re lovely. But I promised myself (other blog) I’d not buy anything new because we’re saving for the house. So for now, I ogle. But I don’t buy.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to sew – possibly Tuesday after the baby goes to bed. Not tomorrow for sure. But the cape will be top ‘o the list. A cape isn’t hard to sew – the body of it will go together in probably an hour (lining first, and then the cape itself), but the collar will take some finesse. There’s a bit of interfacing to be done. I could be done in a few hours. No epaulets, no back belt, no bands at the openings. Just clean. I bought brushed silver buttons that have a celtic knot detail on them. I think they’ll add to the Scottish flair.

I remember Inverrary, where I found the fabric. An entire store devoted to the Tartan in bolts. It was lovely! It was also the only one of two spots I even found tartan by the bolt, actually. This is the St. Andrews Dress tartan.

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