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Tonight’s stash raid

I raided my stash of both pattern and fabric on Thursday night, late. As we planned for this up-north beach weekend, of course, optimistically brought three projects. Two are UFOs in their very final stages. The Christine Jonson Cross Your Heart top in a sage green rayon/lycra. The Hot Patterns Metropolitan Homage tote in a red herringbone home dec cotton. And this stash project. A wedgewood-esque (it’s a bit brighter) 100 percent cashmere (I’m not telling how much it cost, but let’s say it’s north of the 100 percent that it’s cashmere.) And a OOP Vogue poncho pattern. I had earmarked this for an asymmetrical wrap with buttons down the shoulder, but the fabric (2 yards, what I could afford) and the pattern (needs 2 1/4) may not be compatible. Another view, a pointed-hem, deep cowl neck poncho with fabric flower may well work out fine.

However, today was so gorgeous, I didn’t even get in there. And spent the evening watching very, very old 1950s home movies from my dad’s growing up years. Women in straight skirts, short bobs and twin set sweaters.

This is the last beach weekend of the year, and for real, this time I think we can’t possibly hope it will be 80 degrees out when we come up in November! I wrote in my (paper) journal last month when we left after Labor day, wistfully hoping for just a weekend like this – another chance to have a beach weekend. So, indeed, we do. Today we walked on the beach with the dog – in shorts and barefoot! Picked up a piece of small crockery that belongs to our dish set (we tossed a box of broken glass and dishes out in the lake, far out one winter, to see if we could make beach glass. It’s working). It was pretty smooth, but not soft edged yet, I tossed it back. It’s been fun to see where it has ended up.

So tonight didn’t cut the project, but I’m off to bed, and there’s tomorrow. I’ll sneak in some cutting time in the morning. Sewing time during nap time. We’ll stay all day to enjoy the sun.

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I'm Ann. I've been sewing since I was 9. My first project was a denim wrap skirt. Thrifting is a way of life for me - both eco-chic and financially savvy.

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