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Training pants

I showed E. her big girl pants today in the hopes she’d be excited about them enough to want to try potty again. But no big “put them on, mama” moment happened. So I sewed two more, including one with the center of a prefold (which is a birdseye cover, absorbent fleece, birdseye cover sandwich) in it. I was worried it was too thick, but honestly, right now, it’s a diaper, and if I can get her in to a pull-up diaper, under the guise of them big girl go-potty pants, we may have some success. So I’m going to sew the other six with the prefolds in them for now. She’ll have two with flannel, six with the prefolds, and then we’ll see what we do with the rest of the fabric. I can make a dozen more with the waterproof microfleece I have left. I would like to eventually get her to a two-layer flannel and microfleece without snaps for a ‘water resistant’ underwear style. But the eight I have will get us started.

I did have to do some frog stitching, and screwed up not cutting enough pieces for the legbands, so I sewed two and put it up at 10:15pm (a decent, respectable time, I think, to quit sewing.)

Tomorrow, more trainers. Maybe sewing the CJPatterns Cross your heart top I cut out early in the month. Maybe finish the collar on the Hot Patterns Riviera Jacket. But definitely the trainers need to be first up. If I can get most of the eight sewn this week, we could be on our way to potty training soon. That would make mama happy!

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