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Trouser pants… lovely, Princess Wrap top…lovely…

Christine Jonson #1010, Trouser Pant
Christine Jonson #1010, Trouser Pant

But the one that takes the cake is BWoF 10/2008 132. No muslin. NO alterations (well, I did take 1/2 off the waist down to high hip once I was done – but that fabric was stretchy.) Wide, flowy legs. Simply. Perfect.

Now, in all fairness the trouser pants are also superfab – they are a skinny design, and same as the flare leg pants in the same pattern, they are skinnier than I expect them to be based on the drawing. They are lovely, and I’m super pleased with them too. Add 1″ to each sideseam at the hem to these and they will be fantastic wider pants.

The BWoF pants are very wide, almost flarey wide, and they fit snug from the hip on up to the waist. The fabric I chose was a stash fabric, well aged, a very stretchy wool lycra. I would swear, on the stretchiness that this was a knit, except it raveled like the dickens, and I ended up serging everything on it.

Anyway, the only bummer of the weekend, I didn’t check the sewing on the serging on mom’s serger and got ladders on the princess wrap when it was done. Aack. I may tighten up the needle thread and reserge all the seams – just go right over the top of what I did before. It seems silly, but I think that’s the best I can do.

Also I’ve determined it is not possible to do a twin needle hem. Ever. I ended up using a rolled hem on mom’s serger for the top’s lower edge and sleeve hem edge of the Princess Wrap top. Not my choice, but hey, that’s the way it is. Also, I think next time I’m serge-banding that neckline on the top too. I ended up single-needling it but it’s not as stretchy as I’d like, and I think a banded neck would solve the topstitching problem and add a nice finishing touch. In fact I should use banded finishes on EVERY knit top I do (except maybe for hems, and in this case, this top required a stretchy stitch – it’s snappy against my hips). And I look suuuuper skinny in this top.

It’s been a nice sewing weekend, mainly at night and during toddler naps, and so if I can do it here, I can do it again at home. I have to keep this going, the sewing vibe.

So, tomorrow, I will cut out the wool windowpane pants (though I am going to, just to be safe, use a bit wider SAs since those pants do not have the same stretch as this fabric I used in the ‘muslin’.

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