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Use the Good Stuff: Day 11 Workout gear


I’ll bet without a doubt that most of you have some sort of exercise equipment gathering dust in your basement. What is it? A set of weights? A weight bench (if you do have a weight bench you are willing to part with for free, message me, as I’m looking for one!) or the classic piece of equipment that collects dust: a treadmill.

Today we dusted off the road bikes and went for a road ride on our January Thaw day. They weren’t really dusty, we’d had them in the basement on the trainer at least once or twice since Thanksgiving when we last rode outside. But in our basement in a crate was a set of weights. Well, part of a set of weights. The larger weights has been on a carcass (interior frame) of a dresser woodworking project my dad started 30 years ago and never finished. He gave it to my husband, who has made some progress on it, but found that the carcass had sagged and the drawers no longer fit. So for a year, it sat upside down with our heavier weights in it to persuade the wood to go back to it’s original dimensions. There they sat, unused (except for wood-persuasion purposes) for more than a year. They’re too heavy for me to use, so I never did. I used my smaller weights.

And we also have a set of resistance bands that were pretty dusty too. We won those in a wellness contest (along with a Pilates video – but that’s a different post!) at my husband’s work at least six years ago.

Today we literally dusted it off, and after our bike ride, we both worked out. Used every piece of gear we had in the basement. It felt good to use our stuff AND to exercise.

If you’re looking for your January resolution, kill two birds with one stone by using the stuff you already have AND get in a workout!

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