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What is the euro fascination with caftans?

Not a summer BurdaStyle issue goes by without a caftan. I got back stacks of old issues (I can’t get rid of them, I just can’t – all those great patterns! Possibilities!) from sewing friends, and lo, another two more years of caftans! They’re always shown over bikinis – with a slightly higher waisted one, I’m fine, but the days of the string side-tie bikini for me, well, they are both asleep upstairs, having stretched out my belly to the max.

So, maybe the caftan is the Euro answer for the maxi dress? No, they have several years of those, too, but the caftan, it always is there, in some gauzy chiffon print. Anyway, I probably would really like the caftan – it’s like a maxi dress only a bit more coverage (albeit sheer). They even show kid caftans!

Just an observation. Another one: I love these patterns. Love BurdaStyle. So many years of great style – for me, for the kids, for the home. I know it’s been hard lately with all the business travel hubby is doing (I am surrounded by a mountain of laundry – and there is more washing and drying and on the floor!) to keep up with home, work, kids and squeeze in time for sewing, too. But I’ll get to it next Tuesday Sewing Night.

Of course I say this every summer – but I will spruce up my porch and patio with DIY stuff – chair cushions or covers, lanterns, big floor cushions, something. I’m just never sure of our deck space, something is off about it, it’s too tall or something. I need to bring the ‘ceiling’ down somehow on it. So, if I do that, then there’s a place to wear that caftan, over my bikini, watching the kiddos in the kiddie pool and sprinkler 😉 A thoroughly modern urban mom.

Update: I posted all about how I wouldn’t wear a low cut bikini any more and today someone posted a pic of Julia Roberts on a mom-site facebook post, looking mAHvelous in a bikini with yeah, that stretched out mama twin skin tummy thing from her twin pregnancy (!) and I thought, hurrah! she looked happy and fabulous. And there’s a woman with a camera trained on her all the time. No one will ever care about me or my belly, no one will take a photo of it and post some snarky comment about it. And if they did, I’d just say that I earned my two miracle babies, blood, sweat, tears and forty four grand to get them both. That I loved each of their pregnancies, feeling their little bodies growing and stretching inside of me, and that they were among the most joyful times of my life. Hell, yes. If Julia can do it, so can I. Thanks, Julia, for just being yourself.


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