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What to do with that red wool gauze

As I was making capsules, I thought, what to do with the red wool gauze? I have a poncho/cape from years ago. But then I saw this

and thought hmm, could I make this out of this pattern, view 2, only just as a cropped jacket, not as a breastfeeding top? Sure! Or even this pattern using the tulip overlay to create the wrap on this jacket.

Red wool gauze would be interesting. If I chose the NC 207 I could just shape the top like this, turn and topstitch a double layered overlay, then add three buttons on the outside, and an inside button the underlap.  It would even be cute in polarfleece.

Add to it a top, in the red mod swirly print and houndstooth check wide leg trousers. My mom would be horrified – a check with a print top, but from two feet away the check is barely noticeable it’s so small. Yeah, that’s a fabulous fall/winter capsule! I’d have to think of what kind of top, but I’m leaning towards the Princess wrap from Christine Jonson.

Fun ideas! And blogging is even more fun because of the links!

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