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What to wear: Beach getaway weekend

What to wear: Beach getaway weekend

SewParadise is going on vacation! I’m leaving the kids and hubby behind and going to visit a good friend who happens to live in the lovely seaside town of Delray Beach, Florida. Snuggled in between tony West Palm Beach and urbane Boca Raton, Delray Beach is an arty community with only one big high-rise hotel on their beachfront. It’s laid back, loose, and 15 years ago you wouldn’t have gone there in broad daylight without a concealed weapon. What they’ve done there is nothing short of miraculous.

What to pack for a Florida beach weekend looks a little bit like my fantasy vacation packing list post: beach glamour. But I’ve mixed in a few things that get you there – from a cold-weather climate to a sunny destination – and handle the cool nights along the waterfront.

What to wear: Beach getaway weekend by asiegle featuring a beach swimwear

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