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White shirt finished

I finished the white shirt today, AND the recycled sweatshirt to cropped jacket too. I will post photos of both tomorrow. Tomorrow, I cut out the cape. I haven’t yet decided about lining yet, but I guess I’d better – because it’s not going to line itself!

On the top, it’s Elizabeth Lee’s Nursing Classics 307, view 2 I added the pintucks by slicing the pattern in two spots along the front, and then expanding that to accommodate the pintucks. I made wide sleeves (and they STILL need to be longer even after I added to them in the pattern prep stage). I used roughly a straight line down from the elbow to the hem of the sleeve on both sides. Next time, I’m going to take a tuck out of the front armseye, because it looks like there’s some extra fabric (the sleeveless dresses have this too, but it’s less noticeable) there that is not looking nice. Next up for this pattern View 5, with the sweater part as just above the knee, in an aubergine sweater knit, and the underlay in a print knit, high hip length. With some fun fabric flowers sewn on the sweater.

The skirt is Christine Jonson’s Base Wear Two. I sewed it in LESS than one hour, and that includes looking for the fabric for a few minutes too! I left the flounce raw edged (the fabric is a ponte knit, but not at all stretchy so I used a size 12). It’s delightful! The hem lays beautifully on the flounce. I’m very happy. It was such a quick project. My friend Sue told me about how she doesn’t hem the raw edges of her knit dresses, so I thought I’d try it. It’s lovely, really, can’t even tell and it looks way better than hemming ever would!

Now, on to the cape!

That’s my third garment, the skirt – it’s a good fall garment, and I’m kind of in to skirts right now, what with my fancy new navy and black patent peep toe heels.I’ll post those too. I am also going to post swatches of my new CJ fabrics. I think I did a GREAT job keeping them on the light and happy side – they’re prints, they’re bright and that’s exactly what my stash needed.

I am going to buy a couple of HotPatterns patterns – a handbag or two, and possibly a top. My friend Sue loves those Weekender Sunshine tops (she keeps making them for her mother!) and so that sounds like a TNT pattern to me.

This week fall arrives, and summer leaves. So I’ll be digging out transitional wear from my summer wardrobe (we don’t usually switch til my birthday weekend, which is next weekend) to get through the week. So it’ll be creative wardrobing to get through the chilly week! I’d better finish that cape and skirt soon!

I’m also going to start a baby poncho in fleece (I have some navy polar fleece, and will add some bright coral flower applique). It’s poncho season!

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