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woo hoo! I won!

I won a gift certificate to Motherwear! This is a breastfeeding clothing web site, from which, I own a lot of their tops and dresses. They’re always coming out with new designs, which I like. And I comment in their blog, which is how I won! I read their blog when I pump milk for my baby. Anyway, I decided to get a few tops I can layer under things now, and wear in the spring and summer. I expect to still be nursing by then. She could surprise me, but I think I’m pretty safe, because I can wear tops under sweaters and jackets now at least.

So that takes a bit of pressure off sewing nursing tops a bit. I do still need to sew some non nursing tops, especially Christine Jonson’s patterns. And I do want to sew a long sleeved nursing dress or two (and the wicking turtleneck for skiing).

Part of why I love sewing for nursing is that whole form-follows-function that I get into. Ever since I could remember, I have wanted my clothing to be perfect for me – and that’s centered largely around functionality.

I wanted to sew when I was pregnant, too, for the same reason. But I got blindsided first by multiple miscarriages, and then, when I finally felt comfortable (and not nauseaus), I was put on bedrest and given only a short time left to be pregnant. So I’ve dived into the nursing clothing with gusto. Perhaps even more gusto than I should have!

Aah, probably not. I think whatever motivates you to sew, is a good motivator. If I could stay pregnant easily, I’d have sewn the greatest maternity wardrobe ever. I still keep the patterns (I’m not alone, I inherited one from a mother who’s son started college this past year!) I’m not sure why. But I do hold out hope that I’ll use them again (hopefully for myself). And the next time, if I know in advance that I’m going ahead, I may just sew in advance, the hell with it. Of course, I’m in much clearer spot now – I’ve succeeded at having a baby (with an enormous amount of help, that’s in my other blog) and so being confident in sewing is easier than it was before.

The other thing I have to address is the fact that my office is frigid. It’s always cold, so I bundle up, but I don’t want to be wrapped up in ruana til March, no matter how nice of one it may be.

Turtlenecks, scarves, layers, warm wool pants….they all work. I inherited a gorgeous pair of merino wool flannel trousers that FEEL as soft as cotton flannel (they’re unlined). I’m shocked at how nice they are. They’d look yummy with my red capelet and a cashmere turtleneck. Or my slate blue Parisian poncho. They are fairly wide, roomy, pleated high-waist pants (I read in Lucky this month that at vintage stores, they cannot keep the high waisted pleated trousers in stock.) They’re very Katherine, actually.

It’s time to get sewing this week. No matter the reason, it’s good to be sewing again.

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