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Would you wear a dress to bed? A nightgown in public?

Tonight I decided I’d get ready for bed early. I made a cotton nightgown (Elizabeth Lee Nursing Classics) when I was late pregnant with my son, have worn it at least once a week for the last 21 months! It’s a classic style that’s making a resurgence in dresses – a full dress gathered onto a fitted, shaped yoke at the top. Usually worn very short above the knee like a shift dress (my grandma called these ‘house’ dresses, as you’d only wear them in the house, generally in the summer, usually made in cotton lawn in some tiny print) or mid-calf and then belted. So tonight I grabbed not my robe, but a pink cardigan which was sitting on my dresser. When I buttoned the cardi over the dress, I was impressed at how daytime and vintage chic this looked. So I belted it, and was REALLY impressed with the vintage chic. This nightie is a nursing dress with openings that tend to pop open (just the way I’m built) so I’d need to secure those with snaps, but it’s possible. Not probable, but possible. I’ll photograph it on my dress form this week.

And I have a jersey dress that I made that I know other mamas have worn to bed. Megan Niesen’s Pina Nursing Dress and Top. In jersey, it’s super comfy, jut pull aside to nurse. For daytime use, wear over a cami or layer with a scarf for discreet nursing. This would look awesome long as a summertime maxi dress too.

I’ve posted this before, too, could you sleep in a dress, get up, add a necklace and cute shoes and go out the door? It’s possible! I haven’t done it yet, though.

I subscribe to the theory that one should always look great – whether you’re a mom with 2 hours of sleep or going to work.  It does not take that much longer to put on a skirt, and layer a scarf or necklace and wear nice shoes as it does to put on track pants and a ratty tee with sneaks, IMHO. I have pulled my hair back into a french twist on weeks when it’s been days since my last shower. (It actually looks better because the oil keeps the strands stuck together!) And I’ve spritzed perfume on those same days too!

Maybe on one of those days, it’ll be the nightgown, with the french twist, necklace and belted cardi 😉 I’m sure I’ll have a “holy cow we overslept” day at some point…

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I'm Ann. I've been sewing since I was 9. My first project was a denim wrap skirt. Thrifting is a way of life for me - both eco-chic and financially savvy.

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