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Yacht club wedding – maxi dress

I’ve been trying to figure out what to wear to a summer wedding up north in Michigan, at a yacht club. My youngest brother’s wedding, no less, so I can’t be a slouch and grab whatever nice dress might be hanging in the closet. Have to think about this.  I have a vintage layered chiffon strapless maxi dress with a high-low hem (slightly raised in front hem).

But I also have a piece of gorgeous turquoise printed silk charmeuse that is begging to be a strapless maxi dress, too. Either one would work. I have seen a sewing pattern of a handbag I’d like to buy – and a handbag in a boutique I’d like to buy (both clutches) so we’ll see where we end up with the bag. But either way, this maxi dress begs to be sewn up in the gorgeous silk. The only hard thing will be NOT wearing it til the wedding! (probably not possible or practical anyway).

I pinned this tute on Pinterest about a month ago –  DIY maxi dress tute. though I’d make the alteration to add a curved top edge in front and a dipped back edge in back – the dress will fit and look better (in the model photo on the blog you’ll see how the fabric looks bunchy in back and the waistline pulls up in front, this is why). It’s a simple alteration with a french curve and it can be done once – with a single piece of fabric and the top front and top back curves the same exact line (instead of cutting the top straight across, you cut the curve and one becomes front, the other, back.)

This is definitely on my must-sew-for-summer list. Shopping the stash too, love. There are others, too. Jalie’s 3612 (or is it 3216) the nursing hoodie, definitely on the list. Wide leg linen pants (I swear THIS summer I will make those!) a couple of pairs of summer dressy pants for work, at least one jacket and as many of my nursing tops and dresses as I can sew.

This is probably the second to last summer (hubby thinks last, but I disagree) that I’ll nurse my son, and he’s my last baby. So I really want to sew for this. In the end, I’ll sell all my lovely nursing clothes to some mother from La Leche League. Pregnancy was such a short time, and I never sewed as much as I wanted, but heck, you nurse for years. And you know how I am about functional clothing!

Nursing in a strapless dress requires a bit of coverup, so I went looking for some summer-weight and summer-width scarves. Love the colors (and the price!) of these cotton striped scarves from I think the orange-yellow one would contrast nicely with the turquoise silk dress. And at 11″ wide it’s still big enough to drape across clevage when the dress is pulled down to nurse. And heck, at that price, I might order several colors.

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