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Democracy is a Participation Sport

Get your “Counting every ballot is a Democratic plot!” SVG and vinyl heat transfer vinyl artwork right here!

Fully Counting Ballots is a Democratic Plot

I worked this year’s election. With people from all walks of life and from both (and more) political parties. It was awesome. All democracy, no politics.

We are bigger and better than this, America. We’re already awesome. And when a political consultant says “Counting every ballot is a Democratic Plot!” we ALL need to stop. At this exact moment, either candidate could win. Your guy, her guy, his guy. It’s that close.

But the one thing that’s NOT close is this: democracy is a participation sport. And Stephen Miller is right, it IS a democratic plot – but with a little “d” not a big “D”. Counting every vote is literally what our founding fathers wanted for us (sorta, but let’s not tackle the Electoral College and the legacy of slavery, just yet.)

Buy your “Counting Every Vote is a Democratic Plot” right here. You have two choices, a SVG Vinyl cut file that will work with all home vinyl cutters or a cut vinyl, heat transfer sheet that’s ready for you to press it on your own tee shirt with your own home iron (instructions included.)

In either case, you can cut from any color HTV vinyl you like (or that we offer for the pre-cut version.)

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