nursing tops and dresses Sew Paradise

Okay, here they are so far…

Hot Patterns Sugar Babe jacket

I probably won’t wear the jacket with this top but needed something on under it for the photo shoot. And we were baby-wrangling at the time.

Elizabeth Lee Nursing Classics 307, view 2 and a closer view of the back. It reminds me of a ‘nantucket’ dress – a sundress you might see at one of the classics stores, like Talbot’s, or in New England beach town boutique. It would also look mighty fab in Key West Handprint Fabrics.

Self-drafted brown tunic (and matching baby dress and bloomers). Pants are also self drafted, but several years old. The tunic is a sarong style, with the overlaps in front (easy nursing; I own a strapless nursing bra) and edged with serged rolled hemming.

BWoF tunic from the 7/2008 issue (Burda World of Fashion – a European fashion sewing magazine). I have lots of BWoF issues from about the last three years, so I have a lot of patterns to choose from.

Lavender dress, from 20 year old Androsia batik from the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. Self-drafted (I cut down a shirt of mine into an A-line dress.)

Brown dress, and bloomers, they match mama’s tunic! Same style as mine, with a sarong front. Hers has brown and tan polka dotted ribbon halter strings and a bow sewn to the center front.

The location is mom & dad’s lake house (yes, it’s a Great lake house) on the deck. You can see why I vacation here. The sewing room is upstairs in their big Cape Cod style house, we have a loft living room, bath, bedroom and sewing room. Mom cooks, puts beers in the fridge to chill, makes me coffee. I’m tellin’ ya, I would never leave!

nursing tops and dresses Sew Paradise

I’ve been sewing….and batiking!

Holy cow, I didn’t think I’d batik until baby E. was at least eight or nine years old! But I took her to day care so I could work a half day on my ‘vacation’ (uhm, yeah, self employment, gotta love it.) So after ‘work’ was done, I decided to batik a pair of rayon pants that have been aging in my batik box for at least six years (maybe more). Here they are!
Batiked rayon pants

I used a stick of leftover wood that hubs had in his scrap bins from woodworking, about 3/4″ in diameter. Dipped it in the wax. The crackle came because I did a quick ‘cold dip’ of the garment before dyeing – so the dye would crackle like that. Normally you use warmish water to dye, but the cold dip beforehand does a great job on the crackle. I also boiled it out (actually poured boiling water over the waxed area, into a bucket so the wax didn’t run into my drain or sink) so there was no post-dye ironing, and no halo. I will have to do this again. Made myself some mother’s milk tea while I was at it, LOL.

I also have a white dress of the same rayon, but decided to leave that white. I wasn’t going to get to both. And at some point, when I get something on that white dress, I’ll need to batik and dye it to cover it up! This dress is a shaped button front fit-and-flare long dress that was inspired by a Caymanian shop window from 1996!

Last week I finished sewing a nursing sundress. Yahoo! This cries out to be in a wild summer floral too, but hey, I had the linen (and it’s all about the stash, baby.) So here it is, Elizabeth Lee Nursing Classics 307. I omitted the sleeves, lengthened it into a dress, as she shows in one of her online pages and voila! With EL designs you have to measure yourself and go with that, because they are generously sized patterns! I sewed this in a 4-6. It’s very cute, just above my knees. I wore it with tall espadrille peep toe wedges. mmm. yummy.

Elizabeth Lee Nursing Classics 307

nursing tops and dresses Sew Paradise

sundress in progress

I did the overlay, topstitching (wide, like the jacket), buttonhole and button. Found an oversized one in eggplant purple in my button jar, it’s a great match with the lime linen.

But that’s as far as I’ve gotten – the baby took a 15 minute nap (I got the overlay done with her in the backpack, trying valiantly to get her to go back to sleep). But that’s OK – it’s all about slow sewing! No hurry – I have two weeks before the baptism.

nursing tops and dresses Sew Paradise

wrap nursing top

So I saw a design of a nursing top I like – it’s the tulip overlay (only that’s all it is) with a band above the bust and wide cami straps. It’s kind of neat! I will try to make that too. But it gave me the idea to make the tulip overlay in a similar cami style, only with an underlay. And that it’s also like the Vogue pattern that I bought with the double wrap front.

So many ideas, so little time.

nursing tops and dresses Sew Paradise

nursing tops…

So how do I use these new patterns? For NC207 the empire overlay tops – the flared one would look fabulous with the underlay at high hip, sleeveless or cap sleeve. For the tulip front, a deeper scoop neck, a puffy cap sleeve and ending at high hip. The vest version (vests are back in) slim fit with a mid-hip length.

For the twinset – I’ve already mentioned the crop cardi and the maxi cardi style. For the nightie, a sleeveless version for summer for sure, if not two (I have to give L’s nursing pajamas back, her baby is due in July).

the last pattern, the basic tops, well, they’re basic – I could really do anything with them – from tanks to cap sleeve tees to a turtleneck in wicking fabric for skiing this winter.

nursing tops and dresses Sew Paradise

Babywearing coat!

Babywearing coat, side view, full length

Babywearing coat link

Doesn’t that look fabulous! I’m impressed. I followed all the instructions exactly and it came out really well. A very chic just above the knee length coat, with babywearing panel to keep the wee one warm. I’m so happy I just said “I’m doing it” and did it! You can procrastinate forever, or you can just do it.

I’m posting a review on PR and a SnS on later today (after we take pics).

nursing tops and dresses Sew Paradise

Another cross wrap nursing tee

I finished the pale blue one. I basted the side seams (there are, at one point, four layers to get right) and realized the bodice, which is the closest to the body, was on top. OOPS). Thank goodness I basted first!  Ah at least I never serge first any more. That’s what being slightly sleep deprived will do for you.

I nearly finished the Christine Jonson flare leg pants in a heavy ponte knit – I just have to try on, and hem. I omitted the back zip and they are looking VERY fine if I do say so myself. Next up, in this pattern, the superdark wash denim (with iridescent gold on one of the weft threads).

I should interject in here I bought skinny  jeans today. Not just a size 4 (was I ever a size 4?) but slim jeans. And I think it’s been 23 years since I wore a pair of jeans like that. But again, they look mighty fine on 😉

But next up, first, are two flannel nightgowns. Yeah, they’re not the sexiest things (but frankly, neither is the ratty tee and boxers hubs sleeps in). I am going to make some classic PJ’s with piping on the collar as well. Probably two pairs of each type (gown or pj) and a lightweight flannel robe for travel. We are on the road constantly.

As I was nursing the baby (for whom the pajamas are partly for) I thought about years from now, how there will still be nursing openings in those gowns, and how I might pass them down to her when she has a baby. It made me sad, so incredibly sad to think my baby girl is growing up! Not sad in a bad way, but sad in a ‘no! don’t stop this beautiful time’ sort of way. But they’ll be the sorts of pajamas that I’ll pass down to her. And maybe her grandmother will make her some too. I must get with my mother about sewing again.

nursing tops and dresses Sew Paradise

two more nursing tops

So I made two more breastfeeding tops. One, a cardigan ‘faux twinset’ with chanel styling, is based on a Basewear Two from Christine Jonson. And the other is Jalie 2787.

img_2742.JPGFaux twinset for breastfeedingJalie 2787nursingopening.jpg

Pretty nice eh? I think so.  I have another Jalie 2787 cut out in a pale dusty blue. And then there’s still the floribunda nursing one too. So many things to sew, so little time!

We’ve started a jacket sewalong on Sewing Refuge. I’m doing Burda WoF 106 from 9/07. Cropped sixties style raglan sleeve jacket. I have traced, that’s all so far.

In between all this, I do need to sew a pair of travel pants. CJ patterns flare leg pants in a brown ponte knit (I think there’s enough crossgrain stretch to forego the zipper, but we’ll see). Ah so many things to sew!